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Businesses are developing all over Africa. Entrepreneurship is spreading at a rapid rate. Yet, building a business to leverage both its profit and its purpose requires expertise. Expertise that must be in place at the right time. 

Maizonn was born to help create sustainable businesses and the excitement that comes from turning dreams into reality.

As a business grows, it becomes vulnerable, both internally as ecosystems adapt to larger scale operating requirements, and externally as potential investors appraise the company and its owners. Building a great company is about more than money.

Achieving sustainable business success in a shifting economy is the number-one challenge for every business operating today. No business can survive without proper planning, understanding of the law, taxes and financial management.






With a spotlight on the fast changing dynamics of the African economy, Maizonn is founded on a rich reservoir of knowledge - a group of progressive thinkers, we always stay ahead of the curve through a keen focus on research, digital disruption and continuous professional development.


Along with providing a one stop solution for all commercial needs, we have a distinctive culture based on our organisational values which demonstrates our uniqueness, sets us apart from the rest, and guides our actions, communications and decisions.

Maizonn offers the support of a tight-knit team of multidisciplinary experts with a proven track record in assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa and internationally to achieve their vision. Experience gained in the establishment of their own successful business ventures, as well as a 4-year collaborative journey that gave birth to Maizonn, is shared with like-minded clients and investors. Highly rated intellectual capital and personal networks is what differentiates us.

We are renowned for being easy to work with and believe in taking a clear, straightforward approach that delivers results.  We pride ourselves on developing close relationships with all our clients and ensure that the right business advice is only ever a single phone call away.

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