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SM Squared

Forward thinking accounting and business specialists

SM Squared is an Accounting, Tax and Business Advisory firm based in Gauteng, with the primary focus of meeting the needs of high growth businesses in Africa. Companies that engage SM Squared have access to Finance & Accounting thought leadership, insights and data to enable them to achieve a high performing and highly efficient back office operation. SM Squared’s services range from basic transactional bookkeeping services through to strategically focused CFO services.

Greenwold Capital

Greenwold Capital, driven by Jean Groenewald and Willem du Toit, is an international investment company with a focus on investing and procuring private equity and venture capital, primarily for unlisted companies.


Through efficiently raising capital and acquiring majority, or significant minority, stakes in businesses, Greenwold Capital strives to unlock the exponential value in these companies through, funding, strategic support and new networks with a view to achieve superior long term capital appreciation.


Led by a strong, aligned and human-centric management team who have developed a clear, coherent and easily understood business model, Greenwold Capital operates from a solid local platform, which facilitates movement into other high growth territories.

Greenwold Capital
Jean Groenewald
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